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Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design
Professor Thomas Auer

The building sector is responsible for around 40% of the global energy demand, 50% of the world’s population live worldwide in cities, around ¾ of the German population lives in cities or in peripheral areas. The carbon roadmap of the European community plans that by 2050 the CO2 emission related to the building sector have to be reduced by 90% in comparison to 1990. The realization of this target will affect the built environment and will transform it. The chair for Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design deals to understand those mutations and to shape them together with architects and urban planners.

In the last decade Energy efficiency was driven by technology. Nowadays the integral connection related to the district and urban scale is being rethought. Moreover, the amenity value as well as the architectural and haptic quality is getting increasingly into the focus. Passive strategies to achieve energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy sources are integral elements of architecture. The Chair for Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design develops strategies in research projects as well as in teaching activities to achieve optimized comfort conditions by reducing the resource demand both in buildings and in public space.